Blockchain based Traffic Protocol


HOP Introduction

HOP is the only protocol in the world that combines the above functions and is officially commercialized. Its birth can provide absolutely secured access to terminal nodes for any business related to traffic bandwidth.

HOP protocol provides a decentralized, completely anonymous, blockchain-based open source traffic service all over the world. It also has the characteristics of decentralized end-to-end data transmission encryption, smart micro-payment, innovative traffic consensus, storage and decentralized calculation.

At the same time, HOP team combined P2P (Peer to Peer) network transmission and blockchain technology to establish a blockchain micropayment protocol based on the blockchain transmission encryption protocol between P2P network bandwidth contributors and bandwidth users. The entire agreement is built on the main network, and it has both micropayment and mining functions.


What kind of problem do we solve?

There are many countries around the world such as China, India, Iran where the governments limit the full access of free Internet world. This problem brings huge inconveniences to many citizens and barricades the globalization, development of the economy, and the interaction between civilizations.


Core Technology-Micropayment

HOP independently developed a micro-payment protocol based on Ethereum and merged it into traffic mining and mining pools. It is currently the only officially available protocol of its kind all over the world.

Micropayment is a payment method that can make small payments with high frequency.


Since it is built on the Layer 2 of the main-net. It avoids the disadvantage of high transfer fees every time for small payments. Its service nodes are scattered, and data is peer to peer encrypted. It supports all ERC-20 projects to participate in mining.


Where are our major markets

In general, all who need an free access to the Internet are our potential users. To be more specific, China, India, and Iran are our geographical major markets.


One out of four Internet users need our service. Approximate numbers in China, India, and Iran are 200 M, 170 M, and 30 M respectively. 


What are the advantages of the Blockchain Based Traffic Service

Cannot be fully blocked by any government

Encrypted connection and ensured privacy

Fully decentralized nodes, logs, and totally anonymous

The more users, the faster the speed is

Easy to set up with and Pay as you go


How do we cooperate?

We are very open to the cooperation. Generally speaking, our market partners can.


establish their own Mining Pool locally to distribute the service via blockchain system in our APP, so that the market partner can receive revenue and rewards from POT(Proof of Traffic) and sharing, advertising the APP. 


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